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    • Is there multiple types of chrome?

    Yes, there is decorative plating for car bumpers, rims and any other decorative accessories that require a mirror finish without any added mechanical properties.


    Then there is industrial chrome plating, for printing rollers, hydraulic rods, industrial dies and any other mechanical parts.

    • What is hard chrome plating?

    Hard chrome plating is a very hard plating that can reach up to 70 Rc.  Hard chrome plating won't rust and is a good wear protection for the base material.

    • Is hard chrome good for rust proofing?

    Hard chrome does not rust.  However, hard chrome is porous and doesn't fully protect the base material from corrosion.  To prevent corrosion, we can put a layer of copper under the chrome layer.

    • Can I machine hard chrome?

    Hard chrome is very hard (62-72 RC) and cannot be machined.  You can only control dimension by grinding or polishing.

    • Is there a limit to what can be plate?

    For a part to be chrome, it needs to be conductive.  If the part is conductive and we can place an anode to chrome the area, then we can plate it.

    • What surface finish can Montreal chrome do?

    We can polish from matte to mirror.  We can do any kind of finish, copying a sample or respecting an accurate Ra value is no problem for us.

    • What is a matte finish?

    Matte finish is often used on printing and traction rollers.  The matte finish gives better traction and ink adhesion to the roller.