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Perfecting the blend of art and science since 1969

The largest plating capacity in Quebec with three chrome plating tanks.

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Industrial chrome plating and copper plating are Montreal Chrome specialties.

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Precision grinding

We stand out of the competition by the precision of our grinding. Our quality control politics are part of every step of the process and we can respect tolerances as thigh as 0.0002’’.

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Polishing and finishing

Polishing is very important in the process of chrome. By polishing we can achieve many different finishes depending on the application.

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Other specialities

We offer complete in hand projects, including engineering, machining, metalizing, chrome, black oxide and many more.

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montréal chrome

Montreal Chrome is a company that specializes in hard chrome plating and high precision grinding.  Since 1969, we deserve small to big enterprises of many industrial sectors from mining to printing.  

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