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Precision grinding

We stand out of the competition by the precision of our grinding. Our quality control politics are part of every step of the process and we can respect tolerances as thigh as 0.0002’’.

Whether the part is eccentric, taper or asymmetric, we can grind it with the same precision. 

External grinding:

Our team of external and surface rectifying have the knowledge and the experience to help you with any project.  We can meet any geometric and dimensional tolerances to satisfy any industry.  We have the capacity to grind up to 50’’ in diameter and 17’ in length between centers.

Internal grinding:

Internal grinding is one of Montreal Chrome specialties.  We grind bores on parts of any material with the same precision as our external grinding.  We can grind chrome plating and metalizing as well.

Surface grinding:

We can grind surfaces on small to big parts respecting the most precise dimensional and geometric tolerances.  Our surface grinder has a 36'' x 96'' table that makes it one of the biggest in Quebec.

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