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Polishing and finishing

Polishing is very important in the process of chrome. By polishing we can achieve many different finishes depending on the application.

 From mirror finish (super finishing) to matte finish we can respect specifications and exceed your expectations.

Super finishing:

We have the biggest capacity in Quebec for super finishing on rollers.  We can achieve surface roughness as smooth as ¼ RA.  Our control of technology allows us to easily meet and exceed standards from calender rolls for plastic industry to water oscillator.

Matte finish:

The matte finish is used a lot in the printing industry.  It is used on traction rollers and for ink fountain roller so the ink sticks to the roller.  We can bring back your roller to its original finish or respect drawing specifications for any rollers.


If you don’t have time or you can’t take your roller off the machine, our polishing team can come to you and do the work on-site whether it’s welding or polishing.

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