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Industrial chrome plating and copper plating are Montreal Chrome specialties.

Chrome plating :

Montreal chrome is a leader in hard chrome plating, also called industrial chrome plating.  The knowledge we developed over the years added to up-to-date technology makes us a reference for quality of work and costumer satisfaction.  Our caustic tank (strip) is ideal to quickly remove chrome from any surface without damaging the original part.  Our three chrome tanks give us the capacity to plate parts over 45’ long and 50’’ of diameter.  We also offer chrome with a catalyst additive that brings the hardness over 70 Rc.  The experience developed over the years makes us a leader in plating for printing, hydraulic, fabrication and many more industries.

Copper plating :

Copper plating is commonly used in the printing industry.  The copper is often used on ink oscillator, but can also serve as a corrosion protection under the chrome on water oscillator or for any part that is exposed to corrosive environments.  This process doesn’t affect chrome hardness, as the copper layer is very thin, but guarantee a better resistance to corrosion.

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